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HTC Vive Pro

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HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality System



Brand HTC
Item Weight 3.82 Pounds
Platform SteamVR, Windows
Operating System Windows 8, Windows 7
Connectivity Technology HDMI
Model Name HTC VIVE Pro
Resolution 2880 x 1600

About this item

  • STEAM VR 2.0 TRACKING – From seated to standing to full 22’11”’ x 22’11” room-scale. Ideal for multi-user environments for sub-millimeter tracking accuracy
  • HIGH RESOLUTION DISPLAY – Dual-OLED displays with industry leading resolution of 2880 x 1600 pixels for unparalleled visual fidelity of graphics, text, and textures
  • SPATIAL AUDIO WITH NOISE CANCELLATION – Hi-res, high impedance headphones, 3D spatial sound with active noise cancellation for an immersive experience without distractions from real-world sounds
  • MULTI-USER AND EXTENDED USE – Even weight distribution of the headset, easy on and off, and adjustments for head size, glasses and interpupillary distance (IPD) makes multi-user and extended use easier than ever
  • VIVE TRACKER ECOSYSTEM – Expand business use cases by adding real-life objects to VIVE Tracker bringing the object into your virtual simulation. Ideal for motion capture, automotive, aerospace or heavy equipment simulation.
  • VIVEPORT INFINITY – Get 2 months of unlimited VR play of 700+ games & apps. Code included in box
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VR, VIVE Pro, VIVEPORT, Oculus, PSVR, gaming, PC gaming, VIVE, wireless VR
VR, VIVE Pro, VIVEPORT, Oculus, PSVR, gaming, PC gaming, VIVE, wireless VR, SteamVR
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Built to meet the needs of today’s most demanding VR users, VIVE Pro is an easy-to-deploy VR system that scales with your business and provides the richest feature set for professional users. From seated environments to expansive, multi-user deployments, VIVE Pro delivers the highest fidelity, clearest audio and most immersive VR experience.

Cutting-Edge Chaperone Technology Optimized Face Cushion

Captivating, comfortable immersion
Hi-res headphones, 3D spatial audio, and active noise cancellation make your virtual experience more enthralling than ever, while adjustable ergonomics customize your comfort level. Increased Point of Weight Support.

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