Virtual Reality Helmet BOBOVR Z4


Original  BOBOVR Z4 3D 360 degree helmet of virtual reality with stripes made of leather for a smart phone from 4.7 inch to 6.2 inch.
1 *  BOBOVR Z4 3D Virtual Reality Glasses
1 *  User Manual
1 *  Cleaning Cloth
1 *  Built-in high quality headphones



  The 5.5 inch screen with resolution 1080P give you the best 3D experience.

  • Able to answer phone calls – by pressing button 1 time
  • Next song by pressing button 2 times
  • Volume adjustment by scroll
  • Diopter adjustment
  • IPD adjustment
  • Touch screen button(if app supports)
  • Multiple thermal design can effectively prevent lens fogging
  • Adjustable strap
  • Retractable headphones – sounds proof, noise reduction

If you have Myopia: 0-800 and Hyperopia: 0-400 you don’t need to wear your regular optic glasses , video in the helmet will be still clear.

  1. Model:BOBOVR Z4
  2. Color: White
  3. Net weight: 330g
  4. Body material:ABS+PC
  5. Head Strap material: TPU+ Lycra
  6. Lens: Professional Aspherical Optical Lens
  7. Lens diameter: 42mm
  8. FOV: up to 120 degree (depends on phone size and head strap tightness)
  9. IPD Adjust: 58~68mm
  10. Package size: 230 * 130 * 130mm
  11. Package Weight: 490g

Android or iOS Smartphone with gyroscope sensor

Phone size (length*width) less than 160mm*85mm or 163mm*80mm,

Screen Size from 4.7 inch to 6.2 inch,



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