Oculus touch VR controller


Requires Oculus Rift
Intuitive design
Familiar and convenient location of buttons
Convenience in daily use
Considerable amount of decent games


Requires Oculus Rift

A few clicks in the settings menu and you get the option to “add Touch” from the drop-down menu. After launch, you are invited to view a very useful animated tutorial in the setting tab. Synchronizing  wireless controllers with a PC is very simple — you need to press the button on each controller less than 30 seconds.

In contrast to the Oculus headset, Touch requires two sensors to function properly. This means that you need to prepare a bit more space than you did before and be very attentive to the placement of sensors. For example, putting the camera too close to each other or too far from each other, an error will occur during installation, and to obtain a correct configuration it may take a few attempts.

In most cases you can go from the discovery of the controllers, prior to their use, in less than five minutes if the headset Rift is ready to work.


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