LUOKA S2 smart bracelet,heart rate monitor



High performance CPU
Motion sensor
Bicycle mode
Step counter
Sleep monitoring
Dynamic hear rate sensor
Battery : 90 ma



Manufacturer swear that Luoka  S2 had drawn the design inspiration from the sport car, creating vogue modeling with dynamic shape and smooth curve with strict process.The heart rate detection function is better integrating fashion, health, science and technology.

Screen activation by raising hand!

Remote photographing and start video record controlling via wristband!

Three independent sport patterns!

S2 Challenges new conception and keeps away from mediocrity.

Heart rate mode:
Able to enable the heart rate on smart phone or work alone without phone

Cycling mode:
By starting the cycling mode the wristband  will react to and record your cycling time and consumed calories once you start cycling.

Step measuring mode:
Bracelet will launch the step measuring mode automatically and all the steps in daily life will be recorded and summarized into a statement , including the number of steps, walked distance and consumed calories.

Once the heart rate mode of wristband is started , S2 will send one datum per second without connecting APP so that all time heart rate monitoring could be archived and the heart rate variation could be mastered at any moment.

PPG green ray scanning is more accurate!

S2 provided with multiple types of indoor sports modes:

  • Jumping jack
  • Tread mill
  • Rope skipping
  • Sit-up

Incoming call reminder in vibrations
Messages and calls.

  • IP67 waterproof. S2 can be weared to swim. (depth not over 1m, time not over 30mins)
  • Sports and Health: sports tracking (Pedometer, distance,calorie)   sleep tracking (sleeping time, sleeping quality)   set fitness goals   movement pattern (Bicycle-riding mode, Runningmode, Ropeskipping, Sit-ups, Jumping jacks).
  •  GPS movement Trajectory, distance, Time, Pace, Calorie, Historical records, track sharing.
  • Alert & Notification function: call reminder (Android, iOS), contact name display; Facebook, Twitter, Line,
  • SKYPE, WhatsApp (Android, iOS), content display; Sedentary; Anti-lost warning; Clock alarm; Task alert.
  • Smart buttons Find phone: Camera remote, Music remote, Video remote.
  •  Wake up screen by turn wrist
  •  Built-in 90mah Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery,can be used about 10 days.
  • Compatible with Android 4.3 and above, IOS 7.0 and above, with Bluetooth 4.0 Phone.

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White, Black, Red


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