Fitness tracker and real time heart monitor



  • Continuous monitoring of heart rate
  • Alarm clock
  • Find your phone
  • Step counter
  • Seated reminder
  • Sleep management

Compatible with  Android  and  IOS.
Battery capacity: 105 mAh
Standby time: 3-7 days



Automatic measurement for you heart rate at every second. Test at anytime, anywhere – continuous measurement up to 10 days after fully charge.

Fat burning stage – Heart Rate values: 110-130, makes your fat burn without to much pressure on your blood system.
Aerobic exercises – Heart Rate values: 130-148, blood flow changes significantly, the effect is significant motion.
Advanced  aerobic -Heart Rate value: 148-168, suitable for assault training, improve athletic ability and limit.
Extreme sport – Hear Rate value: 168-190, increased cardio load and high risk of exercise injury and injury of your blood system.


Heartbeat function switch to any mode will continue monitoring heart rates.

Accurate exercise calculations
Step, time, distance, calories – produce health report about every day , every week, every month.

Accurate monitoring of your different sleep stage, including deep sleep, light sleep, sleep time and time you wake up.Evaluation the sleeping scientifically. Help you to find out the reason about bad quality sleeping. Also offer you  produce  report about every day , every week, every month.

Compatible with  Android 4.4  and  IOS 8.0 and newest..


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