Bluedio wireless bluetooth headphones


Frequency Response Range:20-25000Hz
Wireless Type:Bluetooth





The design inspiration of Vinyl Plus comes from the classic and retro vinyl record, which is used to store sound naturally and integrally. It is still the highest standarts for timbre and sound.

Adopts the ultra-big 70mm speakers dynamic to effectively improve the bass, sound field and resolution. It can perfectly deal with different music styles made by different instruments.

Has built in 3D sound effect – will certainly give you a lively experience just like you are at the scene of concert.

24 bit audio resolution

16 om impedance

Battery life :

  • 20 hours active listen of music
  • 1100 hours stand by
  • 20 hours talk time


Made by artificial leather earmuffs
The ear cups are padded with memory foam which is rich in protein. It  is very soft and ventilated.


Foldable design
The foldable design makes this headphones more portable and convenient. Wherever you go m you can always enjoy and share wonderful music.

Vinyl Plus aims to taste high quality sound and return to its original nature, which always emit the eternal unique charm.

It;s classic and its pursuit to sounds quality always remains the same.

It stands the test of time and quality , inheriting classics.

Vinyl Plus adopts the simple integrate design, combining with classic vinyl sounds quality to show its fashion at the new level. Its classics perfectly match with fashion which will be the best satisfy pursuit of taste.


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