1600W Power supply for mining rig 10x6PIN


Product features:

10 X 6PIn connectors

High reliability: built in EMI filter

Wide voltage input: 150-240v

High stability: 100% full load aging

Protection function: over current / over voltage / short circuit protection




This power supply allows to connect up to 10(ten) graphic(video) cards by 6PIN connectors.

As we know usually after clocking average video card consumes up for 190 Watt.
So it is strongly recomend keep in mind that this power supply may provide stable supply only for 8 graphic cards.

Product description

AC input voltage range                                       150-240vAC

Input leakage current                                         <0.7mA/230VAC

DC input voltage                                                   12V

DC output current                                                130A

Grid regulation rate (full load)                         ≤±0.5%

Adjustable range of output voltage                ±10%

Output overcurrent protection                       110~130%

Output overvoltage protection                        115~150%

Insulation strength                                               I/P~O/P: 3.0KVAC/1minutes

I/P~O/P: 1.5KVAC/1minutes

I/P~O/P: 0.5KVAC/1minutes

Rise time                                                           Full load is 50ms (typical)

Retention time                                                Full load is 20ms (typical)

Work environment                                        -10 ~ +50 DEG C, 20% ~ 93%RH (no doubt)

Savings environment                                     -20 ~ +85 DEG C, 20% ~ 95%RH (no doubt)

Safety standards                                             Consistent with GB4943, UL60950, EN60950

EMC standard                                                 Consistent with GB9254, EN55022, ClassB, EN55024 ,EN61000-3-2,3, EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,11

Cooling form                                                  Fan cooling

Product size:                                                  200*185*80 (mm)

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