1600w Power Supply for mining, 10 X 6PIN connectors


  • 1600 watt power supply for graphic video cards.
  • Dimensions :  25.5 x 9 x 4.5 cm
  • Cable Length:  38 cm
  • Connectors: 6 PIN –  10 Pcs
  • Number of Interfaces :10
  • Fit For: S9(12.5T/13T/13.5T) S7 Ant Series SHA256 algorithm mining machine.



This power supply allows to connect up to 10(ten) graphic(video) cards by 6PIN connectors.

As we know usually after clocking average video card consumes up for 190 Watt.
So it is strongly recomend keep in mind that this power supply may provide stable supply only for 8 graphic cards.

Power supply input specifications: 
Voltage Range: AC 176~264 V
Input Rated Voltage: AC 200~240 V
Starting Inrush Current: ≤80 A
Maximum Input Current: ≤10 A
Efficiency: ≥92%

Output specifications:
Output Rated Voltage:DC 12.25 V
Load Regulation: ≤±2%
Linear Regulation: ≤±1%
Rated Output Power: 1600Watt(Max)
Output Current: 0~130 A
Output Ripple And Noise: ≤180 mVp-p
Drive And Shut Down Overshoot Range: ≤±5%
Rise Time: ≤100 ms(230 V rated load test)
Boot Time: ≤3 S(230 V rated voltage test)
Hold Up Time: ≥10 mS(230 V rated voltage test)

Protection specifications:
Input Under-voltage Protection Point: ≤180 V
Input Under-voltage Recovery Point: ≤185 V
(Can automatic recovery, the backlash is not less than 5V)
Input Over-current Protection: Yes
(The over-current point is between 130~160A)
Output Short-circuit Protection: Yes
(Recovery after removal of short circuit)
Input Over Temperature Protection: Yes
(When the temperature switch is higher than 100 degrees, protect, turn off the 12V output, and the temperature can be restored automatically below 65 degrees centigrade.)

Environment Conditions
Operating Temperature: -40~+50℃ Full Load (Typical value is 25 ℃)
Storage Temperature: -40~+85℃ (Typical value is 25 ℃)
Operating Humidity: 5~95% Frost-free
Storage Humidity: 0~95% Frost-free
MTBF: 50000 H (Typical value is 25 ℃)
Altitude: ≤ 5000 m (Normal Work)
Heat Dissipation Mode: Air Blast Cooling



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